Appreciating Ergonomics (And Good Lighting)

Despite working from home for the past year+ in my last role, it always felt a bit temporary, because the expectation was that the team would eventually return to the office.

Because I thought my stint with remote work would be fleeting (ha), I just powered through it, without considering a proper WFH set up.

Desk? Ergonomic chair? Monitor? Who needs ’em?! I live in a small, one-bedroom apartment that really doesn’t have place for more furniture (or so I convinced myself).

When I accepted my new role with WordPress VIP, however, it’s like a switch flipped. I was no longer “temporarily” working from home. WPVIP is a fully distributed company, so I’m in this for the long haul. The couch and kitchen table weren’t going to cut it anymore.

I bought an inexpensive (and small) desk, a cheap but comfy chair, and a ring light for that perfect video chat glow. ✨ We shuffled some things around (namely, a giant cat tree) and found a corner to cram the new stuff into.

The plants make a nice backdrop for my well-lit Zoom calls.

While it doesn’t really jive with my interior design ideals, it’s great for now. We’re hoping to get out of this little apartment (affectionately nicknamed “The Beige Box”) and into a house in the next ~6 months or so, and then I’ll have fun setting up a real, grown up office.

But for now, my mini office corner is doing a world of good for my focus, my posture, and my Zoom self-esteem (or selfiesteem).

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